The Guardian Family of Water Conditioning Products

No matter where you live or what your water quality needs are, Southeast Water Systems, Inc. can improve your water. Guardian water treatment systems are designed to meet the most challenging water problems, the most efficient way possible, using only the most reliable equipment available in the industry.

Southeast Water Systems, Inc. provides exceptional service after the sale. Most of our customers choose to go on our service route which provides quarterly maintenance for your Guardian water system. This service provides brine tank refills, system diagnostics and calibration of the refiner valve. 24 Hour emergency services are also available to all of our valued customers.

So no matter how lofty your water wishes are, Southeast Water Systems, Inc. and Guardian water treatment equipment can make them come true. Your entire family will enjoy an immediate difference, and if your plumbing could talk, you would hear cheers coming from behind your walls.

Treat Yourself to Luxurious, Soft, and Clean Water

The Guardian Water Conditioner

  • Smoother, softer, less irritated skin after shaving will make you wonder how you ever got along without a GUARDIAN water conditioner.
  • Soap lathers up with ease, and washes away completely, leaving hands clean and soft.
  • Clothes last longer, rinse cleaner, stay brighter and don’t stain as easily.
  • Dishes rinse cleaner with less detergent.
  • Water slides off glasses leaving them spotless.
  • Feel cleaner and fresher after a gentle bath.
  • No more bathtub ring or soap scum on tiles, sinks, and shower stalls.
  • Shiny, lustrous hair is healthy and full of life.
  • Feel younger with cleaner, softer skin.
  • Harsh, toxic chemicals used for cleaning hard water related problems can be virtually eliminated, making your home safer and healthier.

Reverse Osmosis

Drinking Water System!

The Guardian Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) system is an under sink mini miracle that provides the purest water in your home. The largest bottle water companies in the world, Coca-Cola® and Pepsi®, have embraced R.O. water and distribute this water to the consumer under their brands, Dasani™ and Aquafina™. The average cost of this water is $1.09 per 16-ounce bottle; four times the cost of gasoline.

The fact is, that water purified by Reverse Osmosis is a prized commodity because of the alarming rate of water quality degradation. There are now more than 70,000 man made chemicals in use and with the introduction of 1000 more each year, drinking water contamination is increasing at an alarming rate. Traditional filtration and chlorination plants can’t remove these chemicals and the government is slow to regulate the high rate of contamination. Responsible citizens are left to educate and protect themselves from the world’s greatest environmental threat – chemically contaminated water.

The Guardian R.O. can remove particulate in your drinking water to a size of 0.0001 microns, 400 times smaller than a virus. R.O. is the most efficient way to process water to an ultra-pure level. The Guardian R.O. utilizes five stages of filtration to produce these results.

The CleanStation

Disinfecting Filtration System (DES)

The opportunity to improve air has never been easier. With our Laser Particle Counter we can accurately within minutes measure the particulates in the environment. This Laser Particle Counter is the latest in technology and is the most effective demonstration tool for accurate and reliable indoor air testing. It is used to monitor air quality in clean rooms, mini environments and hospital grade regulated critical areas. Within minutes our CleanStation certified representative can show you the dramatic difference a CleanStation Air Purification System can make in your environment.

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CleanStation Attacks All Three Classes of Air Contaminants


Dramatically reduces particles down to 0.3 micron including pollen, dust, and pet dander. The air coming out of CleanStation is 99.99% particle-free at 0.3 microns and larger.

Bio-aerosols and Microorganisms

Independent laboratory test of CleanStation’s system confirm all bacteria, virus, mold and fungi is killed on contact.

Odors/Chemical Vapors

Destroys volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) including cleaning supplies, paints, cooking smells, pet odors and air contaminants in the form of gases.